Monday, April 18, 2011

Polymer clay tile mosaic Art

I asked Margi Laurin about the Polymer clay tile mosaics that participants have been creating at the annual Morrisburg Polymer Clay Gathering or MPCG for short.
Here are previous years assembled art works. I believe the individual tiles measure about 3 x 3 inches.The results are really quite something and I wondered how these are created. So I asked Margi.

So how does this assembly work?

Vio and I pick a picture, blow it up and cut it into the approx number of participants. We number the top right corner on the back.  They (participants) are given the paper image on Thurs. night and told to replicate it as best they can including the number on the back. They have to have it done Sat. by noon. Then I take it home, assemble, photograph and insert it onto a premade template and print. On Sunday we assemble the pic on a piece of foamcore, or whatever, by using 2 sided carpet tape and drawing numbers out of a hat.  The numbers then go back into the hat and we draw for who takes it home. Then everyone gets a printed copy.  Of course the first year they had no idea what they were doing and the effect of assembling it was spectacular. Now they know its coming, complain about it, but still LOVE IT and want to keep doing it from year to year.

Me: This sounds like a lot of fun and lucky winner/s!! My personal favorite has to be the Marilyn Monroe one, but the latest Lawren Harris is a close second.

Here is this years 2011 mosaic...isn't it fantastic?

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Great art!!I just love your is fabulous.lovely idea to make mosaic Art with clay tiles..keep it up!!!