Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ornamental Favourites and Winterfest

Wishing all Clayamies could have participated in the ornament swap.  Such a selection of goodies!  Just as tasty as being in a cookie swap, at least for the eyes.  And these were calorie free!

Sadly, due to other commitments I wasn't able to participate in Winterfest this's the first one I've missed.  It is so much fun and so I hope that if it's still on next year my book club won't have its Christmas Party on the same night.  I'm sure that everyone had a great time thanks to Gera's organization.

If I had been able to participate, my gift would have probably been something along this line, as that is the type of gift I gave last year and I  have been making quite a few of these recently as commissioned gifts and for galleries.  Personalizing it would have been possible by imprinting the person's name on the beads, or by incorporating the letters of the name into the embellishments on the front or inside cover.  Of course I don't always know in advance who's going to get the books, so I only personalize them if I know the intended recipient.

This one is filled with high grade artists watercolor paper and has made its way to San Francisco as a gift from a lady I see at the Brandon Gala of Gifts each year.  I hope she liked it!

Hoping clayamies and all who read this have a very joyful Christmas. 

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Fabi said...

Tus trabajos maravillosos!