Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hi from Amy Eyelashes!!!!

Hi everyone,
Hopefully I havent posted more than once. I finally figured out the picture thing but did'nt get them in here very even. I am computer challenged but eventually I get it. I will do my best to post here often, I have my own blog and I am sorry to say I don't post there enough.
Thankyou Tina for doing this I think it's a wonderful idea. I am rather isolated as far as having clay buddies, the closest being an hour away. I really enjoy the Monday night chats and hope more clayers will join us.
I had a really busy summer , not all with clay. I did take part in Art in the Village, its a show to raise money for our local health unit. A lady who attended asked me if I would be interested in a show for four weeks at The Lindsay Art Gallery. Of course I jumped at the chance, couldnt believe my luck! The only drawback was I had to be ready in four days!!! It was a great opportunity, I was interviewed and photographed for four different newspaper articles and not one camera broke. The best thing to come out of this was a women who e-mailed me , asking about clay and how to do it. I answered her questions and sent her information, and now she sounds so excited about clay. And of course the next best thing was I sold out of earrings.
Keeping my fingers crossed I did this right,


Radically Riley said...

Way to go Amy! You're a star! Can't wait for Spring (LOL) to see you again at MPCG.

Amy said...

Thankyou Moyra, I don't know about a star but I guess thats my 15 minutes of fame

Clayamies said...

Thanks Amy!
Nice to finally meet you in person:) I know we've been on the chat, but I've never 'seen' you before ;)

Gera Scott Chandler said...

Hey Ms Eyelashes- congratulations on the gallery show....Very exciting!!