Friday, September 11, 2009

Summer of PC

Hi everyone..
Well I have to admit, I have been pretty dormant when it came to working with PC. To many things happening in my life, aka daughter, work.. you know the usual procrastinations. Finally decided that I needed to get the creative juicies flowing, and thinking I could just jump back in... everything I touched was a TOTAL flop... feeling very discourage, Vanessa paid me a visit, and VOILA.. back in the game. She truely got me inspired again, heart racing, the anticipation, and praying to the oven gods not to let your work burn.
So what have I come up with.. well have been making what I call tattoo pendents... for those who don't know me, I personally have 11 tattoos on my body, but many people out there think tattoos are cool, but don't want to have one permanently.. so this was my solution:

The only issue I have is , I can't keep them... I show them to people and all I have left to show is $$ in hand and a pretty picture .. how horrible I know! LOL

Besides the pendents, I have once again started making my Santas.. it has been a long journey to make these little guys again, but they make me smile again. Those pics to follow..

I've also started creating vessels (inspiration brought on by Vanessa) and adding a miniature scenery on the lids. Currently a work in progress...

And that folks has been my summer with PC...It's great to be back. Oh I should add that as I have been creating, my little one is a pc lover in the making... She's a hoot to watch when she is in her uhm 'creative process'

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Radically Riley said...

Love the tattoo pendants Gen! No wonder you can't hang on to them. They're too cool!