Sunday, September 13, 2009

Why We Make Art

A couple of years ago someone forwarded me an email with a link to a site called Daily Good. They send out a daily newsletter highlighting good things that are happening in the world. Wow! What a concept! At the time I was really in need of some good news, having been bombarded with all the sad things we see and read daily. I signed up for the newsletter and have enjoyed a little pick me up every day since!

One of the latest issues highlighted an interview with 7 artists who were asked why they make art. Here is the link: Daily Good

I hope you enjoy the varied perspectives and get yourselves hooked on the Good News too!

On the clay front, here is one of my latest pieces. I had a blog review my work and host a giveaway draw for one of my Mandala necklaces. The orange/yellow one is the sample I made for myself. The blue/green one is the winner's. She sent me 7 words describing sentiments that are important in her life and chose a color scheme for me to make her personal Mandala. It was a fun and rewarding experience.


Vanessa said...

Moyra, your mandala flowers are gorgeous!

Tina Holden said...

I like them too and I'm lucky to have my very own Mandala that Moyra created. I love orange this year!