Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hi to Clayamies

Just got twigged on to this blog...thanks Tina and everyone who set it up and is looking after it!

I'ts been rather cool here in the Peg and we just started having 'summer' about two weeks ago, now that fall is less than two weeks away.

I've been busy on Saturdays at the Waterfront Market in the smaller town of Selkirk about fifteen minutes from our home and it's been fun. The market is in its first year of operation and had some initial start up issues, but it's going smoothly now. Of course one of the reasons why it had issues was that the first six weeks were either too wet or too windy to set up the tents properly, and some folks who didn't have proper anchoring for their tents had things blowing all over.

This neckpiece I made this week is a fun thing I kinda made up on the spur of the moment. I simply created one focal thing and two of everything else and strung it on some buna with a funky closure on the back making its length adjustable. It goes with everything, and I am thinking of all the new 'fall' colors of aubergine, pomegranite and what was that other one...mustard? Who knows. But this will match 'em all.

I've also been making lots of journals. I am also doing some art journaling (painting and calligraphy) when I have time. It's a bit messier than clay in some ways. The other day I got together with some of my former teaching buddies and of course my fingers were all stained. They laughed and said they wouldn't recognize me if I didn't have paint or ink all over my hands. Some things never change.

Anyway, it's great to have this blog set up and I hope to be able to keep up with posting on a fairly regular basis.

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