Thursday, September 10, 2009

hi from iggy

well, hello and what a nice surprise in my mail box this morning!!!

i already have 6 swappers for our 2009 ornament swap, so please get busy, and i welcome all to participate. i will later send out the requirements as i have learned how to make it all work out no matter how many swappers we have. there will only be a minimum number required altho it will be a one for one swap. and there will be a deadline for signing up, to make the numbers work out and not drive me crazy...

well, i must admit i haven't had my hand on clay for months sad to say, but i do have about a dozen kaleidoscopes underway and a couple of kaleidaladies and other sculptures. finishing my house so that i can sell it and move to westport has taken all my time other than what i am spending at artemisia. it has been a super summer for us there as our business is booming, thanks in no small part to a wonderful program on regional contact, a local tv show. we were on three times and have had people from all over the area come to see us after seeing our show.
we are thrilled, especially since we have tina, gera, wanda and myself as artists in polymer clay.
and we had a lovely visit from marg scott, so one of these days look for a story on her wonderful website.

guess that is long enough for today. thanks whoever set this up.... lets keep it going with great posts!!!

hugs to all from iggy

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Margi Laurin said...

Georgia?? I did not know you were moving!!! So glad the gallery is a success, with you at the helm, how could it not be?