Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Welcome to Clayamies

We made it! Clayamies has a Blog! and this is our first blog post even though it'll be kind of general.

For many years Clayamies had existed solely as an online Yahoo group and we would keep in touch via email, post pictures to our Yahoo Album, have lessons via saving documents in the database and ask questions via email. To move with modern times we agreed a Blog would be the way to go. With this blog we're hoping to share with Canada and the rest of the world who we are and what we like to do with our favorite medium, Polymer Clay.

On the right you will find links to members of Clayamies. Although this list is not complete by a long shot, if you leave a comment here we can link you as well, or if the link is outdated, let us know that also. Below the member list you will find the Official Clayamies website, where you can learn a bit more about some of the artists. We welcome you to share with us your ideas, share the new project you are working on, what inspires you and even invite you to post to the blog.

If English is not your preferred language we even have a translator gadget on the right sidebar. Select your language and this blog will automatically be translated....English to French or any other language, the list is long.


Barb A said...

Hey Clay Pals. We owe Tina a great big "THANK YEEEWWWW" for putting together this awesome blog. I think it'll be so much easier (and more fun) to post a little note and a photo than "the old way".

Let's keep the excitement alive.

Vanessa said...

Hey Tina thanks so much for kick starting our new blog! I look forward to seeing new posts from our members.


Gera Scott Chandler said...

THANKS TINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You ROCK or should I say- pebl?


Anonymous said...

Way to go Tina!!! and long life to the Clayamie blog. My link has changed: it is now my blog. Can we do the changes?

Margi Laurin said...

Thanks Tina,
Now, if we want to post a pic?

Sandy said...

Tina, great job! What a nice way to post our links as well.

Wanda said...

Thanks Tina!
Excellent way to inject some energy back to this group!


Janine said...

Yay, looks good! My blog is currently lampwork and silver, but the polyclay is in the works!
Janine, Comox BC

Jem said...

Great Job, Tina!
This blog's just taken off, lets keep the momentum going.
Could you please add my blog to the linky list? www.jesterkiss.blogspot.com No pc on it lately but my clay's unpacked, as of yesterday, (YAY!) so it'll be a little more diverse soon.

Roberta said...

Great Job Tina. Looks like things are off to a roaring start.

MsNovemberTuesday (aka Iris) said...

Thanks again for getting us set up on here. In honour of all your effort I set up a spot on here and would love it if you'd add me to the links. http://msnovembertuesday.blogspot.com

Louise said...

Finally Clayamie is on the blogosphere!
Gret to see what was done while I missed all the fun because of a computer meltdown.