Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hi from gera!

I spent two wonderful weeks on Galiano island this summer. Galiano is a Gulf Island between Vancouver Island and the BC mainland. I had given myself an assignment to re-read the Forgetting Room by Nick Bantock to re-explore collage processes which I planned to combine with polymer clay. Things never happen exactly as planned though and after reading the novel I found myself heading in a different direction and ended up connecting found objects, digital photography and polymer clay. I've been experimenting for the last month or so - here are three of the first pieces in the "rockface" series inspired by Galiano Island's fabulous rock formations.
gera in Victoria

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Deborah Groom said...

Hi Gera,
These are freaking terrific. They are so original and the textures and layers are so visually exciting. The second one is like its own Zen garden. I love this direction.
Deborah Groom